niia si raccontaNiia si racconta (foto gentilmente concessa dal suo Uff. Stampa)

Niia is an international artist with a career full of successes and musical adventures behind her. A sincere art, hers.

The singer spoke to the microphones of Kosmo Magazine, revealing a few more details on the meaning of her music and on her latest work Bobby Deerfield, the album released on June 23rd. From her meeting with Al Pacino to her passion for the film Bobby Deerfield, up to her future projects: this and much more in this interview.

You had many successes in your career, but can you tell us when your passion for music started? How did you understand that this would have been your path?

My mother introduced me to music. She studied classical piano. She taught piano from home when she was pregnant with me. After I was born I spent hours sitting under the piano while she gave lessons. Music was always around my house, it felt natural and where I felt the happiest and safest. I think the comfort leads to my exploration and then into my passion. My entire family is musical as well. I assumed everyone’s family could break out into song with correct harmonies!  At times music was my only friend growing up. I don’t know what I’d do without my piano.

Let’s talk about your new record, Bobby Deerfield which came out on June 23rd. Where does the idea behind it come from? 

The title comes from the 1977 film Bobby Deerfield. I was invited to a screening with Al Pacino by a friend and of course I accepted the invitation. Al Pacino is a staple in my family, especially since my mother is from Italy. We grew up on Italian and Italian American classic films. So I met Al Pacino. I’m star struck and then he tells us we will be watching the film Bobby Deerfield. I had never heard of this film and was intrigued. Vincent Gallo introduced the film and expressed his love for it. I knew I wanted to try something new sonically with my new record and was looking for inspiration everywhere. Bobby Deerfield just clicked. I knew it was the title of my new album only a few weeks after seeing the film. 

The record is inspired but the novel “Heaven has no favorites” and was made a film with Al Pacino in the ‘70s. What does this story represent to you and how it can help your listeners?

If you’ve never seen Bobby Deerfield it stars Al Pacino as a Formula 1 driver who has become a success on the European Formula One circuit. He is also egotistical and relentlessly determined, until a terrible racing accident injures other drivers. He then spends time in nature, and falls in love with a woman who is terminally ill and teaches him about the true meaning of life. I became obsessed with this film. It did not do well in the review world. Everyone thought it was going to ruin Pacino’s career. He was devastated about the lack of success over the film and hearing him speak about how challenging the role was and where he was in his personal life might have impacted so much of his attitude it was fascinating. It was one of his favorite roles and risks he’d ever taken and he’s proud of it even though it was a disaster. 

niia si racconta
Niia si racconta (foto gentilmente concessa dal suo Uff. Stampa)

I spent weeks/ months researching about the film and trying to uncover reviews. I became obsessed. I really connected personally with the character Bobby deerfield. How he longs for a tragedy and puts himself in these wild situations driving so fast thinking he’s above death. But in reality, he’s just driving in circles. A great metaphor for life. I knew this was the risk I had to take with my new record. Diving deeper into my own identity and what track am I really driving on where I am headed.  I had to make MY BOBBY DEERFIELD. Take a risk to make something that might not be understood but important to my growth as an artist. The character Bobby Deerfield also became a symbol of my own father while diving deeper into my identity, legacy, my past and future. Using cars as a symbol just made the experience sexier and more fun!

You talk about cars and how they can become great friends on the road. With the coming of AI and the increase of machines’ number, do you think that there is still space for human soul in this society? But most of all, what it the main role that a machine should have in our society?

Cars became such a huge symbol for me during this album. A symbol of good & evil, feeling reckless and safe. Cars from the beginning of invention represent status, identity, community. The “car” is a global icon. I think this relates to how we view machines and the future. The duality of good and evil. Will self-driving cars and machines take over the world? I doubt it. Why I became so interested in car culture is because it is part of our history. I think the preservation of the past specifically in the car world will never die and that will be kept alive by human souls. We are the ones that respect the art of it. The craft, the culture. But, on the flip side, eco-friendly cars and looking to the future on how to make safer and smarter cars for the planet is a positive too. 
I don’t think machines will ever understand what it feels like to drive with your family in the countryside of Italy and have your hair blowing in the wind singing your favorite song at the top of your lungs.  I think machines will have a role in our society. But, I don’t think it will ever take over or share the same pulse, nostalgia, or connection we have to communities, inventions from the past or the future in society.

How did you approach to this music genre? Who have been your main teachers and guides?

I wanted to be challenged and work with sounds, instruments, and new players that I hadn’t worked with before.  I wanted to go to sonic places I hadn’t tried while still preserving my sense of identity and my past as an artist. In many ways I was too afraid or not experienced enough in some of these areas and that’s where Jonathan Wilson came in. He is a true genius. Knowing how to preserve an artist’s strengths and take them somewhere new to evolve. It sounds like a Niia record produced by Jonathan Wilson -which was the goal. I also was a little tired of working with the same producers and wanted to grow. I  knew he was the perfect fit for this album. pulling from psychedelic rock, Folk, and soul music became the main themes. Jonathan’s universe was where I knew this album needed to find its home in. 

What are your future plans? Can you reveal us something?

I’m not completely sure yet. But through this album I feel closer to myself, feeling brave and exposed and being okay with it. It only makes me want to dig deeper and strip more away. Perhaps a more minimal pure album is in the future. I also hope to tour Bobby Deerfield very soon! 

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